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Majapahit Kingdom is a MMORPG game where players are able to become a hero in an ancient South East Asia. Choose your faction, fight a war for your faction or explore the ancient dungeon of Merapi. What are you waiting for, play now!!!
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Newcomers, please balance out the faction total players when you choose your faction. If its too one sided, then war battle will less likely to occurs and it will be harder for people on both sides to farm for gold. So a balanced power will makes this game more exciting and you will be satisfied with the amount of gold you have earned
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Top Earners This Month

1 Cobaltz (2841404 gold)
2 IndonBabi (2197542 gold)
3 HarimauMalaysia (1134384 gold)
4 Dazz (486063 gold)
5 cinaganteng (260778 gold)

  • Choose your faction
  • Choose your faction and participate in frontier battles. Win those battles to make your character grow stronger and if you are lucky, you can get permanent attributes items from battle drops

    Pilih kerajaanmu dan pergi perang untuk kerajaanmu. Menangkan pertarungan demi menjadikan karaktermu lebih kuat dan jika kamu beruntung, kamu bisa mendapatkan item atribut permanen dari hasil pertarungannya.

  • Multis are allowed
  • This is the only place where you can create multi accounts. In fact, you will need those multis to refer into your main account to make that main account stronger. Referral benefits will contribute to how many times you can hit per cycle and it will adds extra damage from your attacks.

    Game ini memperbolehkan kamu membuat akun klonengan. Bahkan kamu memerlukan akun klonengan untuk memperkuat akun karakter utama kamu. Referral ke akun utama akan berkontribusi terhadap jumlah serangan yang dapat kamu lakukan per siklus dan menambah daya serang karakter kamu.

  • Please notify us for any errors
  • If you found any error, please do not hesitate to email us from contact us page.

    Jika kalian menemukan adanya error, jangan ragu untuk memberitahu kami lewat email di halaman contact us

Total Players So Far

Majapahit: 260 players

Europa: 159 players

Top Players This Month

1 Cobaltz (Majapahit)
2 HarimauMalaysia (Europa)
3 Dazz (Majapahit)
4 IndonBabi (Europa)
5 Platinum (Majapahit)

Updates Changelog
Updates will be placed here
  • 24-Sep-2016: No more failed meditation! It will always gives you at least 1 energy
  • 23-Sep-2016: Chatting on Main page after login
  • 21-Sep-2016: Item system added, you can equip weapons now from status tab
  • 13-Sep-2016: Majapahit open beta, you can create accounts now :)
  • 12-Sep-2016: Added custom login username and password are "coba", try it yourself :)
  • 11-Sep-2016: Added top players chart
  • 09-Sep-2016: Majapahit alpha one test
  • 09-Sep-2016: Majapahit database created
  • 07-Sep-2016: PHP scripts created
  • 05-Sep-2016: Game concept created